IEP True/False Game
The only required members of the IEP Team are the parent, special education teacher and general education teacher.
The parent has the right to receive written notice in their native tongue. Interpreters are available through the district.
The IEP meeting time and place is set by the district.
Parents can participate equally in the development of the IEP. They can present information to the team.
If a parent calls a principal and demands an assessment, we have 15 days to send home an Assessment Plan and begin assessing.
A parent CAN tape record meetings and CAN have a representative attend the meeting (i.e. attorney or advocate).
FAPE stands for Free and Appropriate Public Education. This is the district’s offer of services.
We can change a student’s special education program if we feel it is most beneficial for the child.
The CMA (California Modified Assessment) tests the same information as the CST. The Team decides if the CMA is appropriate.
A student can attend SDUSD until they are 25 years old.
Only a parent may request the services of a District Special Education Ombudsperson.
Parents can consent to all, parts, or none of the IEP.
If a parent does not consent to an IEP, we are in a “stay put”.
The school district can file for due process.
The order of due process is: filing, district response, resolution meeting, mediation, then fair hearing.
A Site Administrator is responsible for filling any site special education vacancies.
Schools do not need to provide special education teachers and students with comparable equipment/technology as that provided to general education. Special Education is responsible for this.
All related service providers need to have a room with a computer, phone, internet and printer access.
The Site Administrator needs a copy of all Itinerant/ Related Service Staff schedules.
The Site Administrator must sign off on the “Signature Log for Teachers/Service Providers” and confirm that everyone has received information on the IEP and BSP.
Each Case Manager should give the Administrator a calendar of initial, annual and triennial IEPs for the year.
If an IEP is even 1 day overdue, the district can be found out of compliance. IEPs should be held one day BEFORE the due date, not on the due date.
The Site Administrator is responsible for holding monthly para-professional training meetings at the primary and secondary levels.
The case managers evaluate the para-professionals.
If the Site Administrator is unable to attend the IEP, the Case Manager is responsible for finding a “designee”.

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