Excel Desktop Interactive
Highlight Row
Select Column
Collapse Arguments - used in writing complex functions, enables you to select cells or ranges when the insert function dialogue is open.
Expand Arguments - opens the 'collapsed' function arguments dialogue box allowing you to return to editing the function or formula.
Selection Tool, used to highlight cells and ranges.
Adjust column width or row height.
"Unhide" column or row.
"Move" cell, cell contents or range.
Fill Handle, visible when you mouse-over the Auto-Fill-Handle in the bottom right of the selected cell.
Auto-Fill-Handle, activated by mouse-over on the bottom right of a selected cell. Use it to continue a series or pattern of data in a worksheet.
Office Button - access to save, open, new, print, etc. Common to all MS Office Applications.
Worksheets - each Excel Workbook contains a series of worksheets. Each are 'nameable' and sortable via these tabs.
Column / Column Header - vertical cells, indicated by letters.
Title bar - contains the open application and the name of the open document.
Menu bar - the row of 'drop down' menus just below the title bar. Changes the tabs in the new Office Ribbon.
Name box - where you can name or find cells, ranges, or named ranges.
Cell, the intersection of a row and a column where data can be entered, or calculations can be made.
Formula bar - where you type text, numbers, or enter formulas and functions.
Row / Row Heading - horizontal cells labeled with numbers.
Chart - a visual way to present data and analysis.
Insert Function - (fx button) at the edge of the formula bar. You can click this to use the Insert Function wizard to create complicated or logical formulas and arguments.
Pane - Clip Art, Research, Help, etc. Various 'panes' appear here giving you access to additional tools, help, or documentation to enhance your Excel use. Common to other MS Office applications.

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