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"I love these green gloves!" www.etsy.com This item is unavailable
"I will use these illustrations to make collage poster for my home." www.etsy.com This Kit contains 17 Vintage Style Hearts. Illustration created at 300 dpi (png file). UNLIMITED USE Of Illustrations for Any Business
"I know I'm early. :) I want to sew this dress for next summer." kollabora.com I love summery dresses! This summer I doctored up a new-to-me pattern, McCall's M6350, modifying it to feature some gathers in the center of the bust and giving it a waistband for extra play with the plaid. It has a nice slight point at the center front of the midriff panel, flattering...
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Oh hey there! This holiday we have a special thing for you: Make an interactive image with your wishes to Santa. Santa will be listening and with the help of our kind sponsors, he has promised to make the cutest and most creative wishes come true!
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