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Create a cool word cloud about your favorite Number the Stars character! www.wordle.net Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds
Number the Stars Wordle Instructions tech-knowledge-y-rocks.wikispaces.com
Some activities involve the reading and/or completion of guidelines and handouts. Please print these documents as necessary!
Get your glog on! That's right! Create your very own digital poster about Number the Stars! edu.glogster.com The creative visual learning platform that every educator and student deserves.
Number the Stars Digital Poster Instructions tech-knowledge-y-rocks.wikispaces.com
Introducing Lois Lowry, author of Number the Stars. Read her biography to learn more about the life of this award-winning author. loislowry.com Lois Lowry
After reading her biography, take the Lois Lowry Challenge! loislowry.com
Your interactive journey is now complete! Awesome job!
Before you begin your interactive journey, create a new section on your wiki page entitled "Number the Stars". This space will be used to share some of the activities you complete throughout your adventure. classroom-21.wikispaces.com classroom*21 - Language Arts 2012-13
After reading the article about Tivoli Gardens, complete the Doodle Splash activity. Print your finished product. www.readwritethink.org
Brush up on your Holocaust facts by reading an informational article about this terrible event that occurred during WWII. thechildrenoftheholocaust.com Children of the Holocaust | Tolerance 4 Kids promotes cultural diversity in schools. Learn facts about the Holocaust using our tolerance lesson plans.
Take a virtual tour of Tivoli Gardens. Cool stuff! www.destination360.com
In the book "Number the Stars", Tivoli Gardens symbolizes happier times to the characters. Learn more about this amusement park by checking out this article. www.danishnet.com
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Facts, opinions and recommendations... Share your thoughts about the Holocaust and antisemitism by completing this Google form. docs.google.com Now that you know all about the Holocaust, answer the following questions to demonstrate your knowledge.