Map of the Anders Army's journey
Thousands of Poles were deported to Siberia. People from here were later allowed to have their own army unit controlled by the Polish government in exile POLES DEPORTED TO SIBERIA IN THE YEARS 1940-1945. REPORT BY A SURVIVOR, MRS. HELENA KNPACZYK [from the archive of The Polish Army Veterans Association (inter...
Buzuluk. This was the place the army was stationed. There, they recruited people, trained them, and were equipped with supplies.
Kazakstan. Some Poles were imprisoned here, and later recruited to the army. Also, Anders army went through here to Iran after Stalin's approval.
Iraq and Iran. Here the Anders army joined the Polish Armed Forces of the West, and the British North African campaign for oil.
Palestine. Here, Jewish soldiers from the Anders army settled in Palestine which became the state of Israel
The Anders army participated in the Monte Cassino war, on the British side of the war.
Ex-prisoners queuing to recruit in Buzuluk
What the prisoners did in Siberia. They didn't go on holiday, they were forced to go there for slave labor
Kuybyshevo. The polish government in-exile opened an embassy in there
Anders Army soldiers in Palestine!
The Anders army was in Scotland as well!
Former Jewish-Polish saluted by General Anders in Monte Cassino
General Władyslaw Anders

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