Old Downtown
Hari Kiri Sushi Bar
Camden Court Apartments (Rent Multiplier: x4) harryallen.info
Ranger Sports
REO Meatwagon
Tong Laundrys
Savannah Medical Supply Warehouse
Rose, Dahlia, & Flora's Creations (greenhouse and flowershop)
Meadowcreek Pines Apartments (Housing Multiplier x1)
Golden State Pawn
Guevarra's Mexican Restaurant
MaxiMarket (24 hr supermarket)
Derelict Tank preview.turbosquid.com
Soul Foods News Kiosk
Counter Intelligence Associates
Bayview Condos (Rent Multiplier x1)
Barley's Department Store (Maelstrom Turf)
Bay Hardware
Municipal Works Building
West City Bank
EH&M Legal Center
Stock Exchange
Night City Medical Center (general hospital)
McCartney Stadium
The Duplexes (rent x2) images.vacationrentals.com
Speed Bagel

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