Night City University
Campus Apartments (Rent Multiplier x3)
Campus Apartments (Rent Multiplier x3)
Campus Apartments (Rent Multiplier x3)
NCU Administration
Thompson Hall
Knute Hall
Robinson Hall
Brooks Library
University Clinic
Student Union
Howard Wong Building
Social Sciences Building
Humanities Building
Schumaker Hall of Performing Arts
Lombardy Groceries
Don's Hot Nuts
Clothes in Modern
MacDonnell's Fast Food
Carriage Street Book and Coffee House
Newgate Prison (bar) & Paragon (bar and club)
Market Drugs (pharmacy)
Hababas (Hookah bar)
Biograph Theater
Fashion Cuts
Stuart Hospital
Byrd Student Co-op Housing (Rent Multiplier x3)
The Ritz Apartments (Apartments & Condos, Rent Multiplier x4)
Campus Apartments (Rent Multiplier x2)
University Hill Residential (Houses & Duplexes, x2 rent)
Campus Corner (Commercial Spaces, x2 rent)
Old University Warehouse (High Crime Area)

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