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A little wind turbine is separated from his family, develops a squeak and is vandalized. But when a nasty storm plunges the nearby town into blackout, he saves the day and wins lots of new friends. spinnerthewinner.wordpress.com Spinner the Winner
I’m Spinner the Wind Turbine. spinnerthewinner.wordpress.com (Click to enlarge) NB. This is a preview, all rights reserved.
My ears are lop-sided from lack of sleep! www.createspace.com
Biffletop Hill was a dark and silent place... amzn.to Spinner the Winner [Mike Ormsby, Sorin Sorasan] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. <b>Spinner the Winner </b>is a superbly illustrated story book for children aged 3-8, that helps parents to introduce 'renewable energy' in a fun way. 65 pages. Read-aloud time 30 mins
Jack is hardly the best driver in Biffletop... spinnerthewinner.wordpress.com Spinner the Winner is available for iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch (use KindleForMac.app), Kindle & Kindle Fire. Price: $2.99 (or European equivalent). See below for screenshots and Amazon website for…
“Strangers!” said Prickle Hedgehog, curling himself into a ball of sharp spikes just in case. spinnerthewinner.wordpress.com In 2012, prior to publication, we had fun discussing the nuts, bolts and squeaks of Spinner the Winner with some friends. See below for faces & places. It was a breeze working together, and eve…
Sergeant Slammer of Biffletop Police was standing on a dark road next to a yellow taxi spinnerthewinner.wordpress.com Reviews below from Amazon. Sarah Hoss a mother-of-3 writes: “This delightful children’s book is beautifully illustrated and tells the story of a little wind turbine dealing with the tri…
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