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Kevin Loker's Resume, September 2012

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@kevinloker twitter.com
Watch a September 2012 description of the research and its purpose youtu.be I started a project in college called "Us IRL: A status update on romantic relationships + tech that connect them." It's on the role that instant communicati...
Read what I've written www.mediabistro.com
Watch video from The Hunt youtu.be Connect2Mason held The Hunt on Saturday, September 3 at the George Mason University Fairfax campus. The scavenger hunt and puzzle game, which drew inspiratio...
Browse the guide for The Hunt (which describes more about what it was) issuu.com
Learn about the award www.connect2mason.com
Learn more about me kevinloker.com
Read about the award (and a hectic schedule) about.gmu.edu
Follow the new Twitter account for the research twitter.com
My university en.wikipedia.org George Mason University - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
My studies en.wikipedia.org Anthropology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Learn about my scholarship program honorscollege.gmu.edu
Visit Washington Post Live www.washingtonpost.com
Twitter account I started and managed twitter.com
View my work for the Student Newsroom conference.journalists.org
Go to 3:20ish for a glimpse of me rapping my way to the crown youtu.be The first day of the Homecoming week ended with a pageant to introduce the Mason Majesty contestants to the community. There are nine contestants this year. ...
Read about me at ONA journalists.org