Corporate Center
The International Cafe and L'Etranger (fern bar and european bar)
The Balinger Building (15 floors, Parkman Domestic Realty, World Insurance, Wrigley & Wrigley Inc., Financial Consultants, and Ben Feinberg, C.P.A.)
700 9th St. (Plaza Realty and Sunset Bar & Grill)
Dean Warner, Inc. (financial investments)
Modern Office Technologies and Robbie's Monster Subs (office supplies and greasy sub-sandwich restaurant)
Pacifica Bank
Xian Electronic Exchange
Rael's Bodysculpting and Tattoo
The Rainbow Nights Dance Club (24 hour dance club)
Marshall's Department store (33 floors, department store)
The Corporate Showing (art and film theater)
Kuramoto Galleries We are going to be back soon
Mac Donovan's (fast food)
10th St. Center (Nadine's fashion boutique, R. Bush and Sons- Jewelers, Color Zone clothing store, Major Music, Zeke's fast food restaurant)
Night City Tourism Office (Free Tourist chipware)
The Regal Hotel (200eb a night)
The Chatworth Tower (luxury town-houses and apartments, x4 rent)
The Town Center (urban mall)
The Cavalier (expensive clothing store)
The Kuroshita Hotel and Convention Center
Plaza East Tower (Commercial Spaces, x4 rent)
700, 14th St (luxury town-house building, rent x3)
The Parkview Tower (luxurious and expensive residential tower, Apartments & Condos x4 rent)
World Travel Agency
The European Economic Community Consular Building
The Soviet Consulate
The Chinese Consulate
The Mexican Consulate
Child Creche (cyrogenic childcare, 100eb daily)
Red Cab (Russian Taxi Cab company)
Night City Towing and Storage
Raven Microcybernetics HQ
Microtech Center
Euro Business Machines, International Tower
Network News 54, Night City
Infocomp Building
Plaza West Tower (Commercial Spaces, x3 rent)

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