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Digital Media Literacy

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HYPERLINK TO DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP RESOURCES Thinglink image provides resources for digital citizenship. www.thinglink.com
This is an iTunes U course entitled Classrooms Without Walls you can request enrollment using an iPad itunesu.itunes.apple.com
Provides a definition of the principles that outline Connected Learning epubgeneration.weebly.com
Provides resources for the use of iPads in the classroom dodgecitydc3.pbworks.com
iTunes U Course entitled Classrooms Without Walls you can request enrollment using you iPad itunesu.itunes.apple.com
Activity guide for accessing and citing digital content epubgeneration.weebly.com
Collaboration Activity Guide for Facilitation of Learning Spaces epubgeneration.weebly.com
Activity Guide for Aggregating Content using social networks epubgeneration.weebly.com
Activity Guide for curating digital content using social networks epubgeneration.weebly.com
Media literacy: The ability to ACCESS, ANALYZE, EVALUATE, and COMMUNICATE information in a variety of forms-is interdisciplinary by nature. Media literacy represents a necessary, inevitable, and realistic response to the complex, ever-changing electronic environment and communication cornucopia that surround us youtu.be
HYPERLINK TO PROJECT BASED LEARNING MODEL To be a student centered school educators must first know and understand how our students learn. www.thinglink.com
1. SLIDE ROCKET PRESENTATION: Explains the three domains of Digital Media Literacy. The three domains of digital media literacy include 1. using digital tools to access information, 2. use of digital media tools to create digital content, and 3. the skills needed to produce multimedia compilations into consumable content. portal.sliderocket.com
HYPERLINK DEEP LEARNING PROJECT TEAMS Thinglink illustrating how digital content is created using deep learning project teams. www.thinglink.com
With the innovative changes in technology also gives rise to powerful new models of collaborative learning. vimeo.com
Digital Media Trailer introducing the author of Digital Media Literacy. Mike has been individually recognized as one of the first recipients of the NASSP Digital Principal Award in 2012. His technical experience has been recognized by the Goddard Foundation for documentary filmmaking, USA Today’s “Best Bet” educational website, and the Oklahoma State Senate for participation in Operation School Net. vimeo.com
2. SLIDE ROCKET PRESENTATION ON Accessing and Sourcing Information, is the ability to search for correct information; how to figure out search engine results; how to make accurate inferences about information originating from a hyperlink and how to correctly source digital content. portal.sliderocket.com
3. AFFINITY SPACES: SLIDE ROCKET PRESENTATION In an affinity space, people relate to each other primarily in terms of common interests, endeavors, goals, or practices. These are the spaces where people learn, participate more actively, engage more deeply with popular culture than they do with the contents of their brick and mortar classrooms. portal.sliderocket.com
4. Go to KGTC Conference Workspace for interactive learning. epubgeneration.weebly.com
HYPERLINK TO FACILITATED LEARNING creating a personalized model of education while taking advantage of the technology revolution. www.thinglink.com
SLIDEROCKET PRESENTATION Aggregation is the act of collecting content from multiple resources of information and then pulling information together into one information pool. In education aggregating information can help in topic selection as the aggregation tools seeks out topics lessening the one line search results. Social network aggregation is the process of collecting content from multiple social network services. The task is often performed by a social network aggregator, which pulls together information into a single location, or helps a user consolidate multiple social networking profiles into one profile. portal.sliderocket.com
Aggregation Web 2.0 resource tools epubgeneration.weebly.com
SLIDEROCKET PRESENTATION Digital curation is a process of establishing and developing long term repositories of digital assets. These are the same assets that are now being used by researchers, scientists, historians, writers and scholars.. These are the research skills found to be important for today's student that are spelled out within the components of digital literacy. portal.sliderocket.com
Curation resources epubgeneration.weebly.com
The connected classroom provides avenues for teachers to become facilitators of learning and move away from the sage on a stage approach to teaching. www.thinglink.com
Learning Analytics is the use of intelligent data, learner-produced data, and analysis models to discover information and social connections, and to predict and advise on learning. www.thinglink.com
Provides an overview of podcasting and how it can benefit students. epubgeneration.weebly.com
Open source writing and publishing tools. epubgeneration.weebly.com
A number of free photo editing tools available online allow personal photos to be imported from one's computer. epubgeneration.weebly.com
Sound production resources for digital media projects. epubgeneration.weebly.com