City Center
Night City City Hall
Night City Justice Court
Night City Museum
Burroughs Municipal Library
Marcini's (department store)
Grandmill (exotic items store)
Burleson Tower (the top three floors are the Totentanz Night Club) We are going to be back soon
Zenger's Electronics
Wing Chang (expensive Chinese buffet)
The Holy Church of God
La Croix (expensive restaurant set in a church)
The West Block (Metropolitan Barbecue and Grill)
Fantasy Unlimited (Braindance Theater)
Puddleforge's (Bookstore)
Revere Courier Service
The Del Coronado Bay Journal
Meridian Square (shopping mall)
FutSure (stock brokerage and Realtor)
The Hole (Strip Club & Black Queens Territory)
Merill, Asukaga & Finch Business Center
Parking Garage
The Demitrov, Koski, Pang, & Lo Law Complex (International Law firm)
D,K,P,&LL suites (Apartments & Condos, x3 rent)
NCART City Center Station (Monorail Platform) We are going to be back soon
Bay Area Savings & Loan Building (Administrative & Cleric Services, Inc. makes up the top half of the building)

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