Little Italy
Julius Electronics
Cybertemps (Temp Agency)
Continental Detective Agency, NC Branch (Private Eyes) We are going to be back soon
Guido's Fashion Trim
Night City Police Precinct #2
The Marksman & The Urban Ranger (Shooting Range and Military/Police Surplus Shop)
Franciscini's Cafe
The Clinic (High-End Bodysculpting and cyber surgery)
Southwest Pacific Rim Trust Co
Billi G. Productions (concert promoter)
Protective Lightning (automated security firm)
Warder's Travel Agency
Stafford Metro Productions (movie producers)
KJBR Studios (TV and Radio broadcasts)
Tokyo East Luxury Apartments (Apartments, x4 multiplier)
Wilson and Company
Beppo's Trattoria (restaurant)
The Lap of Luxury (Brothel) We are going to be back soon
Artist's Supplies by Cagllari
Chrome Ring Gym
Tamalplas Crimson Winery
Chrome Age Loan Company
Doctor Bill's Sanitarium (cyberpsycho clinic)
Black's Shirt Shop
Balboa Aeronautics
Da Vinci Somatic Artistry (bodysculpting parlor)
Empty Building (Hotel Under Construction)
Arbathy Townhouses (Apartments, x3 multiplier)
The Falcone Building
Esposito & Sons garage
Cerberus Securities
Medici Mortuary & Funeral Home

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