Little China
Night City Police Precinct #3 We are going to be back soon
Piper Memorial Sports Arena & Club Atlantis
Flower Creek Office Building (1000sq/ft for 1400eb/month)
25 High Court Plaza Hotel
Allpark Parking Garage
Night City First National Bank
Night City Transit Center
Crestview Place (x2 multiplier)
Chen's Oriental Gardens (Luxury Restaurant)
Wu Chii Lee and Son's Apothecary & Yeh Ching Yah School of Martial Arts
Ling Po Imports
Red Door Inn
Renta-Robo (Robot Rental Center)
Ling Husan's New China Pharmacy
New Shanghai Commercial Center (Commercial Spaces, x0.5 rent)
Madame Lin's Massage Parlor
The Toy Box
The Silver Dragon
Old China Shop
Mountain Shroud Buddhist Temple
Chinatown Commercial Center (x1 commercial spaces)
Chinatown Crossroads
Shukutei Biomedical Labs & Clinic
Dragon's Breath Alley
The Silver Dragon (Bar & Restaurant)
Uncle Jo's Newstand
The Hong Kong Market (Commercial Spaces, x0.5 rent)
Ling Husan's New China Pharmacy
Aerocab Building
Abandoned Cafe (High Crime Area)
The Cage MMA Fighting Arena
Little China Mallplex (Commercial Spaces, x2 rent)
Crestview Place (Apartments & Condos, x2 rent)
Night City Transit Center (Bus Depot & Monorail Station)
Night City First National Bank
Allpark Parking Garage
Panda Garden Apartments (Apartments & Condos, x3 rent)
Flower Creek Office Building (1000sq/ft for 1400eb/month)
Sub-Street Apartments (Apartments, x2 rent)

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