Northside District
The Widmark Hotel (150eb a night)
Maratis Warehouse
Fax-Press Building
Holy Angels Church
The Range (Indoor Shooting Gallery, 30eb an hour)
O'Flaherty's Tavern
The Taira Apartments (Apartments & Condos, x3 rent)
Corrigian's Market
The Taco Hut
The Shooting Gallery (Firearms Practice Range, 20eb per half-hour)
Deveron Showroom #1
Deveron Showroom #2
The Ron Walker Showroom #1
The Ron Walker Showroom #2
The Sandorf Hotel (150eb a night)
The James Kon Youth Center
The Uptown Mall (Black Market, Underworld Reputation 1+) We are going to be back soon
Night City Technical Exchange
Everything And More
Renwald Plaza (home of Mexal cyberoptics, Reclon chemicals, Psycol therapy house)
Dyanlar Technologies (cybernetics and materials construction)
Security Specialists Inc.
Recording Systems (recording studio)
Northside Parking Garage
Fury Sound Audio Electronics
Slaughter Alley
Thunder Lane

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