Stop Bullying
Website for interactive information, games and what the students can do to prevent bullying. Kid-friendly tools to learn about bullying and how to prevent it.
Cartoon Network Stop Bullying and Speak Up. Educators guide and students can create comics and earn badges for stopping bullying. Just by speaking up about it, you can stop bullying in its tracks! Visit Cartoon Network to find out how to prevent bullying.
The American Psychological Association gives information of what bullying is and links to recent articles and what you can do tools.
Stop bullying video challenge.
Projects for students by students for bullying. ThinkQuest
Stop bullying t-shirts. You’ve probably noticed all the great anti-bullying projects being submitted by teachers.  Did you also know that we helped over 75,000 students see the award-winning documentary, BULLY, this spring? Now, thanks to Sears and their Team Up to Stop Bullying initiative, we’ll have even more funding to continue to support these field trips this fall. Sears is selling …

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