Night City Area Map
Pacifica Arcology
Executive Estates & Community (x6 rent)
The Oaks (x3 rent if military, x4 rent otherwise)
Night City Municipal Sewage Plant
San Morro Bay Cargo & Container Port
Westwind Estates (x4 rent)
Coastview (rent x4)
Night City Railyard
Petrochem Refinery Terminal
Playland by the Sea
EBM Remote Assembly Facility
Night City International Airport
Night City Transit & Plane Tram Terminal
Driskill Point State Park
Del Coronado Bay Yacht Club
157th Tactical Air Squadron/NorCal Air Defense Command
HQ of the 223rd Armored Battalion
Arasaka Weapon Assembly Facility A-452
Biotechnia Mono-clonal Research Station
Militech Armored Assault Group Training & Live Fire Range (Currently being used by Lazarus)
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San Morro Correctional Island
Coronado City (Underwater OTEC facility)
Pacific Stage (A floating venue for bands and shows, only boat accessible)
Shukutei Biomedical Resort & Clinic
SeaCastle Resort Hotel (500eb/night)
Biotechnia Elysia Platform
Portia Floatcity (Pirate Fleet Port)
The Old Nomad Market (Radioactive Area)
Triple Co. Industrial Warehouses
Aldecado Tribe Camp
Nomad Refugee Camp
Radzone (Irradiated Ground Water & Top Soil)
PetroChem Oil Rigs
Heywood Hills (Luxury Houses, x2 rent) Motels in Oman, Qantab Heights. My design and presentation
Heywood City (Old Downtown, Abandoned)
Thor Naval Defense Platform
The Rusty Armadillo Roadhouse
The Mulan Building (Chinese Bordello & Safehouse)
San Morro Boulevard (Occasional Flooding)
The Burning Spear Hotel & Casino
San Morro Estates (Luxury Houses, Apartments & Condos, x4 rent)

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