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Syrian rebels claim shooting down army chopper in Damascus

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(Graphic) An airstrike killed at least 43 people lined up for bread after several days when no flour was delivered to the town, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. (Dec. 24) www.youtube.com
A video posted online shows the body of a child being dug out of rubble in Azaz, near the Turkish border. (Dec. 29) www.youtube.com
A fighter from Jabhat al-Nusra, a militia linked to Al Qaeda, encourages government fighters to defect via an improvised sound system. (Jan. 3) www.youtube.com
White incendiary cluster bombs in Homs (Jan. 3) www.youtube.com
Scud missiles are now being used more regularly. This particular missile was fired from Al-Hisheh military base near Tartous City, the target: the Hama countryside. (Jan. 3) www.youtube.com الخميس 3-1-2013 , لليوم الثاني على التوالي يقوم جيش الاسد الخائن باطلاق صواريخ من قاعدة الهيشة في ريف طرطوس باتجاه الشرق إلى حماه ..
Douma residents turned children's snowmen into an impromptu protest against Bashar al-Assad and cursed the memory of his father, the former President Hafez al-Assad. (Jan. 11) www.youtube.com
Videos posted online claimed to show the Syrian government bombing Taftanaz air base as rebels get closer to taking it over. (Jan. 10) www.youtube.com
Heavy rain flooded tents in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, which houses an estimated 54,000 people. (Jan. 8) www.youtube.com Jordan | Water Moving into tents at Al-Za'atari Camp. Where is humanity?
In the town of Zabadani, snowfall gives locals some relief from the pounding but increases their suffering because of a shortage of power and heating fuel. (Jan. 12) www.youtube.com
In Damascus City, clashes continue in Yarmouk Camp. (Jan. 12) www.youtube.com
'More than 80 killed' in Aleppo University blasts. (Jan. 15) www.youtube.com At least 52 people were killed and dozens wounded in two explosions that rocked the University of Aleppo in Syria's second largest city on Tuesday the Syrian...