Response to Blog Response
I've changed the theme a number of times, trying to find the right fit. I wish I had the expertise and time to really tweak it around design ideas.
Hmmm. Is the blog too text driven? Is that what this means? (or are they talking about their own blogs?) I am conscious of that visual element, sometimes, and try to add elements of media to complement the text on the blog.
Thanks for taking the time to critique and analyze my blog. It's pretty interesting to read notes from an inquiry session. I thought it would be interested to respond back. Kevin's Meandering Mind | If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn. ~ Charlie Parker
I named it "Kevin's Meandering Mind" because I knew I might be all over the place with my writing. I guess that name still fits.
One thing I have worried about over the years with multimedia is when someone subscribes to the blog in an RSS Reader (like Google Reader), the media often gets left out. This changes the post, particularly if the writing hinges around the media.
That "peace" ending started early in my writing on the blog, and I am not sure why. But since then, I have mostly used it on every post, with a little something extra in parentheses. Trying to be creative with the extra thought is not easy, particularly if it connects to the post. But I like how that is an identifiable part of me, the writer, on the blog.
I agree. I want to read and follow blogs that keep me thinking, and push me in new directions. I hope my blog does that for readers, too.
Hi Drew, Emilio, Tanner, DeShaun and Nolan. Thanks for making the poster and sharing it out. Kevin
The naming of a blog is something worth thinking about BEFORE you create your space. You want to be witty and catchy, and try to showcase what you're going to write about. I say this because I didn't do that. I did mine in a mad rush as I impulsively created this space one summer. The name derived from the alliterative element of "meandering mind," which I thought would be cool. Every now and then, I think: what kind of name for a blog is that? But now the blog has its own identity, and it feels too late to change.
You do want ways that readers can contribute to the space, whether they decide to or not. One thing bloggers soon realize is that a lot of folks come on through without a word (I do the same, as a reader). But if they want to add a thought or ask a question, you want to make it easy for them. The Twitter/FB feeds are helpful ways to allow readers to share, if you've been lucky enough to write anything of interest to anyone other than yourself.

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