"To bang one's head against a brick wall" meaning to try to achieve the impossible.
"To be armed to the teeth" meaning to be heavily armed.
"The world is turned upside down" meaning that everything is the opposite of what it should be.
"The die is cast" meaning that the decision is made.
"To throw one's money away" means to waste one's money.
" Swim against the tide" meaning It is difficult to oppose the general opinion.
"To be suspended between heaven and earth" meaning to be in an awkward situation.
"To sit on hot coals" means to be in a difficult situation.
"Big fish eat little fish" means that the rich will control the poor.
"It's no use crying over spilt milk" means It is no use being angry over or upset about something that has already happened.
An animated version of the painting www.youtube.com Das berühmte Gemälde "Die Niederländischen Sprichwörter" von Pieter Bruegel dem Älteren - in Bewegung versetzt. Die Animation ist Teil des Besucherinformatio...
"To put a spoke in someone's wheel" = To put up an obstacle, to destroy someone's plans.
"To hold a candle to the Devil " means to flatter and make friends indiscriminately.
"To barely reach from one loaf to another”= to have difficulty living within one’s means, now you could say "make both ends meet".
"Do not cast your pearls before swine" = Don't share something of value with those who will not appreciate it.
To see the painting better. upload.wikimedia.org
Learn about Bruegel www.youtube.com YouTube

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