How rocket engines work, How the parachute work, Rocket P...
How rocket engines work Believe it or not, the hardest part of space exploration is getting a spaceship off the ground. Explore the basics of propulsion and learn about both solid-fuel and liquid-fuel rocket engines.
How the parachute work i was in my science class building a model rocket and i lanuced it and when it came down the parachute went of how does it do did and why. Any comment and thoughts will be great. P.S My parachute actuality did not went of it come down like a bullet!!. But other did so i was wondering how it do it.
Rocket Propellant Rocket propellant - Wikipedia
Solid-fuel rocket Solid-propellant rocket - Wikipedia
Rocket take off - Veiw form rocket A Camera from the rocket shows the lift off of the rocket. I dont know if its real or not but its pretty cool

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