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What Happened at Feeding the 5000 Bristol

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WHAT HAPPENED - Watch a short video about the whole day in Bristol! youtu.be
VOTE WITH YOUR FORKS! Thousands of people signed the pledge to reduce food waste and encourage businesses to do the same! www.youtube.com
Listen to Tristram Stuart’s speech on the global food waste scandal youtu.be
Follow us on twitter www.twitter.com
Tonnes of unwanted fruit & veg were given away - Did YOU grab your free veg box?? www.flickr.com
1000 delicious chocolate brownies made from unwanted food donated by Fareshare by the Co-exist Community Kitchen www.youtube.com
Brilliant cooking demonstrations giving nifty ways on how to save food when you're cooking were given all day long www.flickr.com
4 million people suffer from food poverty. Learn more food waste facts here: www.feeding5korg www.flickr.com
The star! youtu.be
Children were entertained all day by the Love Food Festival team www.flickr.com
JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN! Help reduce the gargantuan amounts of food which are wasted daily! www.feeding5k.org
A massive thank you to FareShare SouthWest who hosted the event www.faresharesouthwest.org.uk
Witness the morning preparation as the Bristol College Ground went from field of green to field of glean.... www.youtube.com
We fed nearly 5000 people in under 4hrs: Behold the process! www.youtube.com