1)Why did war start at all?                             2...
1)Why did war start at all? 2)What was the goal of war? 3)when did the war begin ? 4)How many people were sent to go here? 5)How many people died in the war? www.historyguy.com The History Guy: The Persian Gulf War (1990-1991)
1)How many u.s people died in combat? 2)How many Iran people died during combat? 3)When were troops sent to Iran? 4)What was the name of Iran leader? 5)When was he put out of power? www.historyguy.com The History Guy: The Persian Gulf War (1990-1991)
1)How much did the u.s owe other countries? 2)What did people back in the USA do when the troops when the war was over? 3)What was the problem many people had during the war? 4How has the war changed peoples mind tworad isreal? 5)What did some people say about the war? jcpa.org U.S.-Israel Relations After the Gulf War by Steven L. Spiegel
1)How did the smoke created by oil burning effect peoples health? 2)How did hidden mines make life different? 3)How did being in war make people crazed for war? 4)How did war effects how people view each other? 5)What was life like for people left in after the war times? www1.american.edu American University is a leader among Washington DC universities in global education. American University enrolls a diverse student body from throughout the United States and nearly 140 countries.
1)When did Saddam Hussein become president? 2)When did Colin Powell run for president? 3)When did Norman Schwarzkopf graduate from military academy? 4)What did all of these people have in common 5)How reserved a masters degree in southern California? library.thinkquest.org ThinkQuest
1)How long was Iran called Persia? 2)What happened on November 4,1997? 3)When did Iran reformist president ? 4)What all happened during During 1980-88? 5)When did Iran clash with u.s navy? www.travelblog.org Background information about Iran
1) Grumman F-14 Tomcat what was it? 2)What was a M198 155mm Towed used for? 3)How many weapons did the USA make? 4)Did the weapons the u.s made effective and useful? 5)Did any other countries make good weapons? www.militaryfactory.com Listing of all weapons used by all countries during the Gulf War (1991).
1)When did the invasion begin? 2)Where did people watch as people watched aircraft's attack cities? 3)What happened on febuary 24? 4)When did the gps come out? 5)What did HH-60 Pave Hawk help do during the war? www.centennialofflight.gov
1)What military forces from "east of Suez," withdrew it's self? 2) three MPS ships disembarked at al-Jubayl what day? 3)what country has 95 percent of the armored vehicles? 4)What force was critical for was as critical to American interests in the Persian Gulf after Desert Storm ? 5)What helped the Persian Gulf War stimulated the U.S. Navy to make the transition? www.history.navy.mil 404 - File or directory not found.
1)How many nights do they have in total? 2)How many types of missiles do they invent? 3)Did they effect the way the war ended? 4)How many of them died during the war? 5)What debt did they owe to the u.s? www.haaretz.com A breakdown of Iran's military capability, including equipment held by the Revolutionary Guards.

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