Good day for: buying camera equipment. Shopping portal found that cameras were 4% less expensive on a Monday.
Bad day for: feeling well. Monday is the most common day to stay away.
Good day for: booking business travel. says that most airlines post domestic fare sales on a Monday evening, which leads to a Tuesday morning scramble.
Bad day for: an office fling. We have the least sex on Tuesdays, according to an NOP health survey.
Good day for: asking for a pay rise. A survey by recruitment firm Office Angels revealed that bosses were more receptive on a Wednesday.
Bad day for: commuting by car. Most road accidents happen on Wednesdays, according to vehicle management firm Velo.
Good day for: an office fling. Thursday is the optimum day to make love, according to a London School of Economics report.
Bad day for: holding a meeting outside. An average 2.97mm of rain falls on Thursdays in the UK.
Good day for: binning the fag breaks. If you quit smoking on a Friday, you have a better chance of keeping off the cigarettes.
Bad day for: making key decisions. The 24-Hour Society author Martin Moore-Ede says Fridays are not good for making major life decisions.
Good day for: sending out email marketing campaigns. 60 Second Marketer magazine says that, increasingly, managers are checking work emails on a weekend.
Bad day for: binge drinking. The British Medical Journal reports the number of people with alcohol poisoning increases by two-thirds on Saturdays.
Good day for: sending personal emails. According to web research company eMarketer, open and click rates are higher on Sundays.
Bad day for: a quiet trip to the shops. Verdict found that 53% of the population hits the shops on a Sunday.