Using custom image icons#

Creating and uploading custom image icons to use with your ThingLink images is easy and it requires no coding skills.

You do however need a Premium Business Account.

How to upload tag icons#

Start by going to the icon uploader in your settings

If you have not uploaded custom icons before, the page will be empty. Once you upload custom icons they will be listed on this page. Click on “Upload icon set” to start the upload process. You will now see four upload options - Plain, Hover, Hover Link and Highlight.

Functionality of the 4 different aspects of a tag icon#

The image icon has four different states depending on how the user is interacting with the image. Plain: the icon that is shown when the user is hovering on the image (required). Hover: the icon is shown when the user hovers the tag (optional). Hover Link: the icon is shown when a tag contains a link and the user hovers the tag (optional). Highlight: the icon is shown when the image is loaded and displayed for the first time (optional).

If you have only uploaded a plain version of the icon, it will be used for all four states. The user will then see the plain icon when the image is first loaded and when the user hovers a tag.

Recommended sizes and design#

We recommend making your custom icon 36x36 pixels (width x height). The icon can be round, oval, square or any shape you like but the maximum size is 140x64 pixels. It you want the icon to feature a stroke when hovered, you need to consider the maximum size when designing the icon.

There are different ways to indicate the states of the icon. Some prefer to create a stroke around the icon, others invert colors or change the size. Black and white works with virtually all images and remember that details do not display well due to the small size of the icon. Experiment and see what works for you.

Using your custom icons in the image editor#

Your uploaded icons are directly accessible in the image editor. Upload or import an image and place a tag on the image. In the tag box you will see an icon indicator. Clicking it will display all the icons that you have uploaded. If there are more than 15 icons you will need to scroll down to see the rest of them.

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