Using ThingLink groups#

ThingLink groups allows you to collaborate with other users and edit interactive images together.

You do however need a Premium Business Account.

How to use ThingLink groups#

If a group has been created for you, you are able to switch between different groups and your original account. This is how you use it:

1. When you want to access a new group or user, select it with the dropdown menu at the top and click Switch. You are able to jump between groups set up for the same ThingLink user.

2. When you're done with a group and want to return to your personal ThingLink account, just log out and you will be taken back to your original account and shown a message that you have now logged out.

Inviting additional users to groups#

ThingLink allows you to manage campaigns in separate groups. This is how you use it:

1. Access Group management by clicking the top right user icon of your account page and clicking the Groups icon on the side of the dropdown menu.

2. To invite more people to your group, click Manage Group next to the name of your group and add an email address of the person you want to invite. Then click Invite or Add Immediately to add the user. You can invite an existing ThingLink user or a user who hasn't signed up yet.

Using ThingLink groups is easy and it works well for groups who want to collaborate on campaigns and projects. Sign up for an Premium Business Account now.