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Tumblr - Installation instructions#

1. Log in to Tumblr and open tumblr.com/customize to customize your template

2. Copy your code from below

3. Select Customize theme in Tumblr and paste your code to the Description box

3. Select Customize theme in Tumblr and paste your code to the Description box

4. Open your blog and start tagging your images by clicking the Edit tags icon. Remember to be logged into Thinglink in order to tag images


My tags disappeared when I changed my theme!#

Your theme probably does not include the Description element. So you will need to add the Thinglink code the other way:

  • Open "Theme"
  • Click "Use custom HTML"
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom
  • Cut-n-paste the Thinglink code right before the </body> text.
  • Close by clicking on "Theme"
  • Click "Save + Close"

It's a good idea to remove it from the Description as well, or you might end up with the code twice in the page when you change the theme again.

Tags are not showing or they are wrong somehow#

Some Tumblr themes are incompatible with Thinglink. We are working on fixing them, but we can't find all of the broken ones. So please do head over to support.thinglink.com and let us know what the broken theme is. In the mean time please try another theme.

I'm trying to tag an image, and it says "we couldn't find anything that looks like an image"#

Try adding an image from within a text entry. If you upload an image, it will go to the Amazon AWS storage, and will be protected by AWS access control. The control is good enough to prevent us from using the image ... We are working to see if we can go around this one somehow.