Thinglink image tags make photos interactive, adding value for readers and enhancing their viewing experience. Here are five suggestions for tagging your images.

1. Make Tags Engaging#

Think about what triggers a clic. and what might be interesting from the user's perspective. Add tags to objects (people, places and things) that engage readers with fun, interesting links.

2. Tell a Story#

Use tags that tell a story of the image. Uncover the hidden and explain the non-obvious. Use links to navigate readers from inside the image to interesting informational details and links that will make your readers come back for more.

3. Place Tags Tastefully#

Remember that anything placed directly on top of a face or object may disrupt the viewing experience. So if you tag a person, you might want to avoid tagging the face. Place your tags tastefully.

4. More Than One, Less Than Twenty#

How many tags should you use? In-image tags make photos interactive. Add 3 to 5 tags to each image to make it interesting and fun. On the other hand, twenty tags may create clutter. The rule of thumb is: if an image is not clearly visible with a tag on it, don’t tag it at all.

Make it easy for your readers to enjoy your photos by sharing accurate links. If you tag a lamp or sofa, try linking directly to the the object (e.g URL for an Amazon item vs. the Amazon website itself).
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