ThingLink Image Editor#

To add tags to images on Thinglink, click on the pen icon (edit image) on top of an image that you have added. This opens up the Thinglink Image Editor.

In the image editor, you can add tags with links and descriptions.

Image Editor functionality#

TITLE: The name of the image. Displayed next to the image and shown when the image is shared to social networks.

ZOOM: at the top right of the image you can use + FIT - to zoom in and out the image. FIT will reset the image size to your screen size. You can also use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Search for content: at the top left of your screen you can search for content to include in your tags. Just type few key words.

Also, you can set a number of properties for images. Click on "sharing settings" just below your image.

Image visibility: Change this if you do not want the image to show up in searches or on your public profile. People with a direct link to the image will be able to see it. You should make images with sensitive content or images not suitable for children always unlisted.

Allow anyone to edit: Check this to all allow any viewer of the image to add, modify or delete tags of the image.

Tagging in Image Editor#

Adding links or descriptions that show on top of the images is called tagging. When tagging images, you can link to any web page to have the link displayed on the image.

Rich Media Tags: Many types of tags are displayed automatically as rich media tags.
Learn more about rich media tags ยป

Custom Icons: You may choose a custom icon for the tag by clicking on the image under "Icon".

Copy/paste: Copying and pasting of tags is possible by right-clicking on the image (clicking with ctrl-key pressed on Mac OS). You may paste the images to the same image or to a different image on Thinglink.