There are two ways to enable Thinglink with Drupal. If you are familiar with running scripts and installing modules you can try out a Thinglink module for Drupal developed by Peter Rukavina. Alternatively you can follow the instructions below to enable Thinglink for Drupal.

1. Copy your code from below

2. Log into your Drupal site (typically and choose Structure from the top menu

3. Click on Block and then Add block to create a block for Thinglink

4. Name your block Thinglink, paste the embed code to Block body and save the block

5. Scroll down in the Blocks view and locate Thinglink under the disabled blocks

6. Set its region to Footer and click Save blocks.

Well done! Thinglink functionality is now enabled for your website! When you hover over an image on your Drupal website Thinglink icons appear automatically in the top left corner of the image. By clicking on the pen icon you can start adding image tags and links. Happy tagging!