Blogger - Installation instructions#

1. Copy the following embed code to your clipboard

2. Log in to Blogger and go to the dashboard of the blog you want to enable ThingLink to

3. Open "Layout" (or "Design" in the older Blogger interface) section from the navigation and click "Add a gadget" anywhere on the layout

4. Choose "HTML/JavaScript" from the list

5. Enter title "ThingLink" and paste the code to the "Content" section from your clipboard

6. Click "Save".

7. Now go to your blog and start tagging your images by clicking the Edit tags icon. Remember to be logged into Thinglink in order to tag images


My tags open partly outside images and get cut by site layout#

You can force tags to open inside of your images. In order to do that:

  1. Select the checkbox Keep tags inside images from the embed code page and copy the code to clipboard
  2. Browse to your blog settings in Blogger and select Layout section (or Design in the older Blogger)
  3. Find Thinglink Plugin gadget and click Edit
  4. Replace the Content by the embed code in your clipboard and click Save
  5. VoilĂ ! Now you should have your tags opening inside the images. For more customization, see the Embed Code API

Thinglink not working with Blogger Dynamic Views#

Currently Blogger does not support Thinglink javascript in Dynamic Views. We are looking into ways to enable it in the future.