Understanding application states#

Your application may be in multiple states. When you first create the application, your application will be put in a state called "Testing". In this state, the application is visible to you, and you only. So feel free to test it around, but remember that nobody else can see those tags (unless they log in using your account).

When you submit your application for us to review and include, it will become "Submitted". We'll review the application and approve it - or reject it and get back to you.

Finally, the application goes "Online". This is where you want to be.

Suspended applications#

Sometimes it may be necessary for us to suspend your application (which is clearly marked on your application dashboard as "Suspended"). In this state, the application is invisible to everyone. You will need to contact us about why we suspended the application.

Enabling and disabling applications#

If you want, for some reason, to disable your application, you may do so. All the tags matching your pattern will then revert to the basic form of having a link and a description.

You may re-enable your application at will.

A disabled application is not available to anyone.